Anti Arc Workwear

Anti Arc Workwear

Feb 05, 2019

The arc-proof suit has the functions of flame retardant, heat insulation and anti-static, and will not be invalid or deteriorated due to washing. When the arc-proof suit is exposed to the arc flame or heat, the internal high-strength low-stretch bullet-proof fiber will automatically expand rapidly, which will make the fabric thicker and higher in density, forming a protective barrier for the human body.

Technical requirements for arc protection clothing

       1. Arc protection suit is a protective garment used to protect the torso, arms and legs of people who may be exposed to arcing and related high temperature hazards.

       2, anti-arc clothing can be connected or split design.

       3. The textile materials used in arc-proof clothing should meet the requirements of GB 18401-2003 to ensure the health and safety of the human body during long-term wear and use.

       4, anti-arc clothing should be properly considered comfort, and under the premise of ensuring the protection of the loose design to increase the protective performance.

       5. It is strictly forbidden to use metal parts for arc protection.

       6, the arc-proof clothing should try to cover the bare part of the body. The cover between the upper and lower parts of the split design should be no less than 150mm.

       7. The arc-proof suit should identify the lower value of both the fabrics ATPV and EBT in significant locations.

Anti-arc wear suit, suitable for daily work of part-time or part-time electric power workers in electric power and social enterprises, potential arc environment (but not suitable for use in special environments with chemical dangerous goods, poison gas, nuclear radiation, etc.), wearing in arc explosion accident .