Anti-static clothing ten standards

Anti-static clothing ten standards

Nov 22, 2016

Anti-static clothing ten standards:

1, Anti-static work clothes: clothes in order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, use anti-static fabric is a fabric and sewing work clothes.

2, Antistatic fabrics: prevent the accumulation of static electricity of clothes, when the textile, roughly the interval or evenly mixed with the conductive fiber fabrics.

3, Conductive fibers using metal oxide or carbon black composite spinning and fibers.

4, Clothing requirements: free from breaks, spots, dirt, and other defects affectingperformance.

5, Anti-static fabric performance: at a temperature of 20 ± 5 ° c, humidity 30~40%environment, washed 100 times the fabric surface charge density average value ≤7.0 μ c/m2.

6, Anti-static clothing properties: antistatic clothing amount of electric charge per piece <0.6 Mu c/, wash-resistant performance (grade a ≥ 33.0 h, grade b ≥ 16.5 h).

7, Anti-static clothing inspection standard: People's Republic of China GB anti-staticclothing (GB12014-2009).

8, Anti-static clothing inspection by: GB/T12703-1991 of the textile test methods forelectrostatic.

9, Anti-static fabric dyeing requirements: light silky, not sanded. Bleaching agent, please try to control doses of 80%.

10, Antistatic clothing wear requirements: banned in places where inflammable andexplosive wear off; prohibit wearing any metal objects on anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes worn by supporting.