Does the anti-static clothing have a validity period?

Does the anti-static clothing have a validity period?

Mar 29, 2021

Ordinary work clothes are not valid, as long as they are not too old or other special circumstances can be worn all the time. But the anti-static work clothes are different. The anti-static work clothes mainly play the function of anti-static, and this function plays an indispensable role in eliminating the harm caused by static electricity. It will gradually weaken and disappear with the wear time and cleaning times, so anti-static work clothes are valid.

Then, how long is the period of validity of anti-static work clothes? This validity period is not a fixed period, because different quality anti-static fabrics, different use environment, and different cleaning times will affect the validity of anti-static work clothesGood fabrics can clean about 100 times, and general fabrics more than 50 times. In addition, in the process of using anti-static work clothes, the anti-static performance of anti-static work clothes should be tested frequently, once it is found that the anti-static performance is not up to standard, it should be replaced in time.

Moreover, different industries of anti-static clothing also have different validity periods. For example, the period of validity of anti-static clothing for gas station workers is about 1 year if the electrostatic yarn is not broken. However, gas station staff work clothes can also be cotton fabric, we all know that cotton fabric is also anti-static function. At the same time, the work clothes of gas station staff should not only have an anti-static function but also have an anti-oil function.