flame retardant cloth's PH content

flame retardant cloth's PH content

Jun 23, 2018

flame retardant fabric's PH content

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Excessive vehicle exhaust will cause harm to the human body, but very few people will think that every day and we are intimately in contact with clothing, wear there is also the remains of harmful substances. Maybe we have a certain understanding of the content of formaldehyde in clothing, but we do not expect that there will be restrictions on the pH of clothing, and there will be pH control indicators!

What is the PH value? What is the role of flame retardant cloth in our textiles? How much of the pH value of the flame retardant cloth will not harm human health?

       We know that the pH value of the flame-retardant fabric is a quantitative representation of the acid-base level used to indicate the pH of the material. The more pH value of the flame-retardant fabric, the more the pH value is 0, the weaker the acidity of the solution; conversely, the more tendency is 14, the stronger the solution alkalinity is. At room temperature, the solution of PH=7 is a neutral solution. The surface of human skin is slightly acidic (pH is between 5.5 and 6.5) to ensure the balance of resident bacteria and prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Similarly, clothing also has a pH value. The PH value of clothing is beneficial to the protection of the human body in the slightly acidic and neutral areas. If the clothing is improperly acid-base, the natural barrier on the surface of the skin will be destroyed, irritating the skin and breeding bacteria. Cause disease. According to the national mandatory standard "National Safety Technical Code for Textile Products," the pH value of infants and young children (A products) and direct contact with the skin (B products) is 4.0-7.5, and non-direct contact with skin products ( The pH of the C-type product is 4.0 to 9.0.

★ Why does clothing appear to be improperly acid-base?

        In the past, there was no assessment index for PH value of textiles in China. Enterprises did not pay attention to this index. The dyeing and finishing of clothing fabrics requires the use of various dyes and auxiliaries. If the dyeing and finishing processes are not sufficiently washed after dyeing and finishing, the products will be dried in the factory; or some neutralization measures will not be taken; the corresponding detection methods will be lacking in the later period. Causes acid and alkali in textiles.

★ How can consumers protect their clothes from excessive PH value?

        When purchasing clothing, do not rely on the old method of “seeing and hearing” because using this method, the pH value of the flame-retardant cloth is difficult to find, but it is necessary to pay attention to the color, style, texture and price of the clothing. More attention should be paid to the safety of clothing; products purchased by regular manufacturers should be purchased as much as possible, and products that meet the national safety technical specifications should be marked in the instructions for use; if necessary, inspection reports can be requested from the dealers to see if they meet the above-mentioned national standards. Relevant regulations; For clothing that can be washed, especially for infants and children's clothing, soaking and rinsing before wearing, water washing method can well improve the PH value of flame retardant cloth.