Flame retardant cotton fabrics are still selling flame retardant fabrics

Flame retardant cotton fabrics are still selling flame retardant fabrics

Nov 22, 2016

Flame retardant fabric features diverse structural components are endless. A lot ofpeople hear the flame retardant fabrics will think the suits. While the fire service isan application of functional fabrics, fire-retardant fabric not just the application ontop of fire service. Also widely used in outdoor clothing, used in some key industries, such as mining, oil exploration, electric power industry and so on.

Flame retardant fabric is divided into natural fiber flame retardant and flame retardant finishing two finishing fire retardant is divided into one and two durable flame retardant. Now commonly used fire retardant fabrics are durable flame retardant fabrics, certified fire-retardant fabric washing should exceed more than 50 times.Usually flame retardant fabric classification are: flame retardant cotton fabrics,C/N cotton flame retardant fabrics, CVC flame retardant fabric flame retardant, flame retardant anti-static fabrics, aramid fabric, molike/acrylic flame retardant fabric, oil resistant and waterproof fabrics, mosquito-proof fabric, UV-resistant fabric and so on.

More popular cotton flame retardant fabrics with high cost performance, especially suitable for making all kinds of flame retardant textiles, such as curtain, curtain decorative textiles. And is also particularly suitable for the production of flame retardant working clothes and fabrics used in clothing. So now the world's top-selling flame retardant fabric is flame retardant cotton fabrics.