Flame retardant fabric color shade

Flame retardant fabric color shade

Sep 23, 2017

Flame retardant fabric color difference:

1. Dyeing finished products got different shades of color, shade difference.


(1) the same batch of flame retardant fabric color: the same batch of products. A color of the product between the box and the box, between pieces and pieces, between the package and the package, between the match and the match between the flame retardant fabric color shade.


(2) As the same flame retardant fabric color difference: the same product in the left middle of the flame resistant fabric color or before and after the flame retardant fabric color or positive and negative flame retardant fabric color. Flame retardant fabric color is the dyeing and finishing plant common flaws and multiple flaws, seriously affecting the quality of finished products.

2. Reasons


Different types of fabric fiber composition is different from the type of dye used in dyeing and process equipment, coupled with the dyeing process has different requirements and characteristics, the causes and performance of flaws are not the same. Flame retardant fabric color in the appearance of a variety of performance, but the mainly reason, as the followings.



(1) the dye in the fabric on the early distribution of uneven: dye in the fixed before, if the distribution of various parts of the fabric uneven, fixed after the inevitable formation of flame retardant fabric color. The main causes of this phenomenon are:



1 ) fabric factors: due to different fiber performance or pre-treatment desizing, acouring, bleach, mercerizing is not even enough to penetrate the first semi-finished products caused by uneven permeability of the dye absorption of the difference.


2 ) Suction factors: due to the mechanical structure of the reasons or improper operation, so that the various parts of the fabric with the liquid rate is inconsistent, resulting in flame retardant fabric color. Roll pressure uneven, adding dye material uneven and so will make the fabric absorb the dye uneven.


3 ) Pre drying factors: in the dip-dyeing process after the pre-bake, due to drying the rate and degree of inconsistency, causing the dye to varying degrees of swimming, so that the distribution of dyes in the fabric uneven.



(2) The degree of fixation of the dye on the fabric is different: although the dye is distributed evenly over the fabric, it is in the process of fixing. Such as improper condition control (such as temperature, time, dye concentration, etc.), so that some parts of the fabric of the dye did not get full fixation, in the post-treatment soap was removed. Resulting in flame retardant fabric color. For example, the dispersion temperature of the dyestuff is inconsistent or inconsistent, the reduction or partial oxidation of the dyes is not sufficient, and the dyes of the reactive dyes are bad and so on.


(3) Variation of dye shade: This difference is not due to the uneven distribution of dyes on the fabric. But for some reason caused by the fabric of some of the dye shade changes, generally for the following reasons:


1 .. Dyeing factors: semi-finished products of uneven brightness or pH are quite different, often caused by coloring after dyeing differences.


2 .. Dyeing factors: for example, the temperature of the dyestuffs is too high, so that the color of some dyes become withered; excessive reduction of dyes, but also make shades of color.


3 .. Dyeing factors: in the finishing process. Such as resin finishing, high temperature tenter and the PH value of the fabric, etc., will cause the dye shade have varying degrees of change.