Flame retardant fabric in our life

Flame retardant fabric in our life

Jul 04, 2020

Yesterday morning I was riding on my way to our company. When I got to the crossroads, three fire engines whistling past me. I knew that there must have been an emergency somewhere. Every day in our life, the danger will happen anytime and anywhere, and fire is one of them. It is necessary for us to know more about fire prevention. Flame retardant is one of them.

Flame retardants (FR) are used to protect the public from accidental fires, by reducing the flammability of combustible materials such as plastics and synthetic polymers. Since the 1960s, FRs have been used in polymers to reduce the flammability of household products made from these materials.

FR has grown into a global industry comprising many companies and organizations which employ many dedicated researchers, technologists, and professionals from many fields all striving to develop FR products that if used properly and in a sufficient quantity of applications will buy the victims of fire more time to escape.

Flame-retardant fabric with fire-retardant properties is widely used in industrial products. The flame-retardant property of textiles can be obtained by two methods: First, for the finishing of flame-retardant textiles, the defect is that the flame retardant is weakly bonded to the textile, and the flame-retardant property will gradually decrease with the increase of the service life and washing times; second, the flame-retardant fiber is synthesized first, and then woven into the flame-retardant textile. Then, its flame-retardant property can be retained for a long time.