How to produce best Cotton/Nylon FR fabric

How to produce best Cotton/Nylon FR fabric

Jun 02, 2018


The cotton/nylon flame retardant fabric is a functional fabric made of pure cotton and nylon fibers (common specifications: cotton 88%; nylon 12%) that has flame-retardant properties after flame retardant treatment. 

The fabric has good abrasion resistance, high strength, soft handfeel and the like; this flame retardant fabric can not only effectively prevent the spread of flame, but also can better prevent electric spark and arc while maintaining the original performance of the fabric. , metal droplets and so on.

The requirements of the cotton fabrics on the original fabric


In terms of general requirements, the nylon content should not exceed 20%, and what we usually see is 88% cotton fiber + 12% nylon fiber. Polyamide and other polyamide fibers typically have a melting point of 215°C, a decomposition temperature of 315°C, and an ignition point of 530°C. Because the difference between the melting point and the ignition point temperature is relatively large, it is easier to melt and dribble when burning, and does not burn off the source of supply. Therefore, the nylon fiber is considered to have self-extinguishing properties.

Requirements of cotton and nylon blended fabrics on flame retardants


The flame retardants containing nitrogen and phosphorus are effective on polyester and cotton fabrics, but they are not very effective on nylon fabrics, and chlorine-containing flame retardants such as chloride and bromide resist the cotton fabrics. The effect of the burning effect is also small. In practical production, we generally use Proban flame retardant, a phosphorus-containing flame retardant. Usually when the nylon content is 12%, its flame retardant performance can reach EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, NFPA2112, NFPA70E, ASTM and GB8965-98, and other standards.

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Through the unique flame-retardant technology of Xinxiang Weis Textiles&Garments Co.Ltd, there's a permanent cross-link in the interior of thecotton/nylon FR  fabric, and therefore the fabric has a durable flame retardant performance, and is more superior in wear-resistance, strength, and hand feel. The flame-retardant cotton/nylon fabrics are also softer, and their wearing life after being made into working clothes can be extended by more than 50%. Therefore, they are widely used in protective clothing fabrics for power, welding, petroleum and natural gas industries, etc. And we sell a lot to  Europe, Asia and America. 

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