How to wash Anti-static workwear correctly

How to wash Anti-static workwear correctly

Jun 09, 2018

The anti-static performance of anti-static clothing lasts for a long time. The anti-static clothing produced by our company can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity. How shall we wash anti-static workwears correctly?


Anti-static overalls materials are special, and the washing method also has certain requirements. We can use full-effective laundry detergent or special anti-static detergent for washing. There is a partial stain cleaning method: When the clothes are dry, smear the stains with the full-effect detergent liquid. Place, completely covered with stains, after standing for 5 minutes (can be lightly scrubbed), add regular washing liquid routinely. For the overall cleaning method of anti-static overalls: You can use the full-effect laundry liquid as normal laundry. For anti-static clothing after washing, softener can be added to soak, clothes will be more supple after washing, anti-static better.

Anti-static clothing washing method:

    ◆ When washing, the water temperature should be less than 30 °C, 1 kg of neutral soap or enzyme-free detergent per kilogram of clothes, bath ratio is not greater than 1:40, using light washing methods, to avoid excessive friction caused by anti-static performance.

    ◆ After washing, it should be dried in the sun, or air-dried at 150°C for 2 minutes after drying naturally, or dried at 150°C for more than 4 minutes.

    ◆ Dry, ventilated and protected from mechanical or chemical damage.

    ◆ When making work clothes, do not use metal accessories. When you must use (buttons, zippers), you must ensure that metal accessories are not exposed directly when you wear them.

    ◆ When wearing overalls, it is forbidden to attach or wear any metal objects on the clothing, and it is forbidden to wear off in flammable and explosive places.

  Ysetex'ss anti-static fabrics not only have anti-static properties, but also can add flame retardant, oil-repellent, water-repellent, anti-ultraviolet, fluorescence and other functions according to the needs of customers. As the carbon fiber with conductive properties is woven in the warp and weft directions inside the fabric, it has permanent antistatic properties. And a variety of functions do not interfere with each other, can reach their respective functional indicators.

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