Modacrylic/cotton inherent FR farbic

Modacrylic/cotton inherent FR farbic

May 19, 2018

Modacrylic fabric is what we usually call the Morik flame-retardant fabric, which is made of a modified acrylic fiber with its own flame-retardant properties. It is a copolymer obtained by copolymerizing acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride and dissolved in acetone. , and then by dry spinning or wet spinning. 

In 1949, it was first produced by Union Carbide Corporation of the United States. Because the vinyl chloride content accounts for 50% to 60%, it has good flame retardancy and self-extinguishing properties. Denatured acrylic and acrylic are very similar but the modified acrylic itself has a lower melting point and higher chemical resistance and fire resistance. Therefore, the flame retardant properties of denatured acrylic fabric will not decrease over time and increase the number of washing.

How it's made

35-85% of the deformed acrylic material is acrylonitrile also known as vinyl cyanide. English name MODACRYLIC (short for MODIFIED and ACRYLIC). The main reason why it is manufactured is to improve the overall performance of acrylic.

       The manufacture of modacrylic fibers is the polymerization of different components. After the solution is dissolved in acetone, the solution is pressed into a constant temperature columnar air. During this time, the solution will condense and turn into a solid, which can be drawn into fibers at high temperatures.

Modacrylic Fibers

       These fibers can be processed into bundled filaments of different lengths, crimps, and degrees of fiber. The degree of shrinkage of modacrylic is controlled, so this feature also helps us to control the shrinkage of the fabric.

Denatured acrylic is generally cut into short fibers or pulled into pieces after breaking.

✪ Short fiber: 1.4D×38mm, 1.5D×38mm, 5D×89/140mm, 8D×89/140mm, 10D×127mm, etc.;

✪ Regular bars: 3D×70~127mm, 3D×102mm, 3D×76~127mm, 3D×76~102mm, etc.;

Mixing bar: 3D × 95mm, 3D × 76mm, 3D × 102mm, 3D × 152mm, 3D × 76 ~ 127mm;

✪Expanded strips: 3D×152mm, 3D×85mm, 3D×97.5mm, etc.;

✪ Divided from the gloss point of view: no light, half light, light three.


✪ Because the fabric is a raw material flame retardant material, so he has a good permanent flame retardant performance, anti-arc performance;

✪ It can effectively prevent metal chips from splashing and preventing welding sparks;

✪ Permanent antistatic properties;

✪ Highly visible performance of modified acrylic fabric treated with fluorescent dyeing;

✪Excellent comfort and washability;

✪Excellent mechanical and abrasion resistance.

Xinxiang Weis Textiles&Garments Co.Ltd produces  modified acrylic fiber flame retardant fabric with fluffy soft and elastic texture.After washing 50-100 times the fabric color is still bright as new; fabric itself has a permanent flame retardant and superior anti-static properties. With no harmful additives, environmental protection and safety, no droplets when burning, non-toxic, no odor, excellent tear resistance make this FR fabric durable and widely used in racing suits, aviation, petrochemical, power industry.

       The performance of modified acrylic fabric produced by Weis Textiles&Garments Co.Ltd is tested by authoritative agencies such as MTL, TUV, SGS, etc., and can reach EN11612 (formerly EN531), EN11611 (formerly EN470-1), NFPA 2112, ASTM 1506, etc. Order it.

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