Price difference between aramid and cotton FR fabric

Price difference between aramid and cotton FR fabric

May 25, 2019

As we all know, the price difference between aramid flame retardant fabric and cotton flame retardant fabric is very obvious,which is nearly 5 times more. 

Why is there such a big gap? Let's find out.

First of all,

In the fabric production, the aramid flame retardant fabric is not easy to dye in the dyeing process due to the fiber characteristics, the yield is low, and the raw materials are expensive. The cotton flame retardant fabric has a high yield and mature production process, and the raw material price is not very expensive. Therefore, the price of aramid flame retardant fabric is also high at the production cost.


There are two kinds of flame retardant finishing methods in flame retardant fabrics. One is to use flame retardant or high temperature resistant flame retardant fiber-fiber flame retardant; the other is to flame retardant flammable fiber fabric. Finishing - finishing fire retardant.

      Aramid flame retardant fabric is fiber flame retardant. It is a kind of natural flame retardant fiber. It does not need to be finished after flame retardant. The fabric is soft to the touch, strong in strength, good in flame retardant performance and high in temperature resistance, especially in the sudden encounter 900-1500 °C. At high temperatures, the fabric will quickly carbonize and thicken. The cotton flame retardant fabric is a finishing flame retardant fabric, which is not as strong as aramid flame retardant fabric.


In terms of use, the aramid flame retardant fabric has high abrasion resistance and long wear time. Aramid flame retardant fabrics and cotton flame retardant fabrics are widely used in fire service suits, racing suits, military uniforms, aviation, petrochemicals, and power industries. Customers can choose the flame retardant protective fabric that suits their needs.

Aramid IIIA flame retardant fabric is a raw material flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang Weis Textiles&Garments according to European standard and American standard. The fabric has permanent flame retardant properties and antistatic properties, and its flame retardant properties are excellent. 180gsm aramid IIIA flame retardant fabric is breathable and moisture permeable, comfortable and soft, burning non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally safe. The protective clothing made of this fabric is resistant to high temperature and is suitable for working environment with high temperature and fire hazard.

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