The introduction and function of cotton flame-retardant fabric

The introduction and function of cotton flame-retardant fabric

Mar 09, 2021

All-cotton flame-retardant fabrics, all-cotton light and thinflame-retardant fabrics have always been a difficult problem in production in terms of strong control. How to break through the strong bottleneck in the current economic downturn, reduce production costs, and improve product quality , We have done a lot of research experiments. And recently, it has successfully produced a batch of pure cotton high-strength light-thin flame-retardant fabrics for export to the United States. The fabric specification is 60X60-20S/1X20S/1, and the weight is 150g/㎡.

Cotton flame-retardant fabrics, generally speaking, the lighter and thinner the fabric is, the harder it will be to reach the standard after flame-retardant finishing. According to the first-class GB/T411-2008 test method for cotton printed and dyed fabrics (GB/T3923.1-1997.5. CM strip method, MICRO-350 CRE tester). The fabric is 150-200g/㎡, the warp strength is 400N, and the weft direction is 220N; the fabric is 100-150g/㎡, the warp strength is 300N, and the weft direction is 180N. Since the customer requires a grammage specification of 150g/㎡, which is at the critical point of strong crossover, we adjusted the following process formulas to make the finished fabric meet the requirements.

1. Use strong protection of environmentally friendly flame retardants. The flame retardants commonly used in the market at present, although the price is relatively low, but the loss of strength is large, and contains toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde. Therefore, we do not advocate the use. We generally use environmentally-friendly strong protective flame retardants with higher cost performance. The strength loss of ordinary flame retardants is about 50%, while the environmentally friendly strongprotective flame retardantslose only 10-15 %, and does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

2. Using long-staple cotton raw materials, ring spinning technology. According to actual comparison, the strength of long-staple cotton ring spun yarn is 30% higher than that of ordinary craft materials. At the same time, due to the reduction of interruption in the production process, the production efficiency is generally improved, and the loss is reduced.

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