Various factors on the properties of flame-retardant fabrics

Various factors on the properties of flame-retardant fabrics

Apr 28, 2018

Flame-retardant fabric refers to the cloth that the flame on the fabric will automatically extinguish when the fabric leaves the fire.

There are two typles of Flame-retardant fabrics: finished flame-retardant fabrics and inherent flame-retardant fabrics

Finished flame-retardant fabric is the functional fabric with flame-retardant effect after the flame-retardant treatment of common fabrics. The price of finishing flame-retardant fabrics will be much lower than that of raw material-based flame-retardant fabrics, but the flame-retardant effect of after-finishing flame-retardant fabrics after washing will gradually be weaken;

The flame retardant fabrics produced by Xinxiang Weis Textiles&Garments Co.Ltd have good wear resistance. , Fabric tear strength is high, and the washing frequency can reach 50-100 times. 

Why some flame-retardant fabrics have carbon length and good flame-retardant effect; some fabrics will have poor flame-retardant effect, and even worse? They have no difference compared to ordinary fabrics. 

Here are  factors affecting the flame retardant fabric 

1.fabric hair effect 

The penetration of flame retardant inside the fabric has a great influence on the durability of the flame retardant. If the fabric inside the fabric does not have enough flame retardant, even if the fabric has enough weight gain, the oxygen index of the flame-retardant fabric is still very low, and the fire-retardant properties of the fire-retardant fabric rapidly decrease. When the fabric has a very low effect, even after one wash, the oxygen index is <28%; when the fabric has a hair efficiency of >8 cm/(30 min), the fire-retardant and laundering property is greatly improved. Even if it is washed l2 times, the oxygen index is still> 28% to meet the flame retardant standards. 

2 The amount of flame retardant 

The amount of flame retardant is too little to achieve flame retardant effect; when the amount of flame retardant is enough, after 12 times of washing, the flame retardant fabric has better flame retardance, but the fabric strength drops more and the hand feel Hard, sticky, affect cross-linking, flame-retardant durability decreased; only when the amount of flame retardant reaches a certain standard, the fabric has good flame retardancy. 

3 Cross-linking agent dosage

 In principle, thermosetting resins that can cross-link with flame retardants and fibers can be used. However, in practical applications, fixing temperature, fixing time, and feel should be considered. The amount of cross-linking agent does not substantially affect the flame retardant properties of the woven fabric, but has a great influence on the feel, tear strength and durability of the flame-retardant fabric. 

4 baking temperature 

When the baking temperature is lower than 140 °C, the tear strength of the fabric is good, but the flame retardant washability is not good; when the baking temperature is higher than 180 °C, the strength of the fabric decreases greatly, affecting taking Performance; When the baking temperature is higher than 150 °C, less than 175 °C, the fabric's flame retardant washability is good, but the tear strength has a certain decline. 

5 baking time 

baking time directly affect the cross-linking of flame retardant and cross-linking agent, thus affecting the washing performance. Usually at a suitable temperature (150-175°C), the longer the baking time, the more complete the cross-linking of the flame retardant and the cross-linking agent, the longer the baking time, the greater the strength drop of the fabric, and the embrittlement of the fabric. Less than the requirements; curing time is too short, less than 2.5 min, poor fire-retardant washability. Therefore, the baking time should be strictly controlled within 2.5 to 3.5 minutes.

The flame retardant fabrics produced by Xinxiang Weis Textiles&Garments Co.Ltd can protect workers from heat and flame, and have a soft feel, which is comfortable to wear. 

Weis mainly produces cotton-based flame-retardant fabrics. The cotton is excellent in material selection, strong in strength, and durable; at the same time, the fire-retardant fabric produced using Weis's unique production and processing technology can be washed 50-100 times and still has good flame retardant effect,  self-extinguishing from the fire.

 At the same time, Weis produces multi-functional flame-retardant fabrics  and other multi-functional functions. Weis's flame-retardant fabrics have passed EN11491 EN11492,EN ISO 14116, ASTM D 6413, NFPA 2112,NFPA70E certification. The fabric does not contain any harmful substances and has good skin-friendly properties. The color of the fabric can be customized according to  requirements, and the flame retardant function can also be combined with other various functions.

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