What is the difference between general protective clothing and special protective clothing

What is the difference between general protective clothing and special protective clothing

May 09, 2020

There are many hazards in some workplaces, such as fire, high temperature, corrosive chemicals, etc. These substances pose a serious threat to our health and life safety. Wearing personal safety protective equipment is the last line of defense for safety, so we must do a good job in safety protection.In addition to wearing respiratory protective equipment at work, physical protection should not be ignored.

Protective clothing is most often used to protect the body from danger at work.According to the content of protection, we can divide the protective clothing into general protective clothing and special protective clothing.What are the differences between them? Below is the answere.

1. Different protective substances

General protective clothing is mainly used to prevent dust and pollution, and special protective clothing can prevent dust, poison, heat, static electricity, radiation, flame retardant and so on.

2. Different fabrics are used

The material of general protective clothing is mostly made of cotton cloth or chemical fiber fabric, while the material of special protective clothing is mostly made of special material. For example, the material of acid and alkali resistant protective clothing is chlorinated butyl glue.With fire only carbonization, non - droplet melting, aging resistance and other characteristics.

3. Different environments

General protective clothing can be used in workplaces without special requirements.As the name implies, the special protective clothing is the clothing used in special environment. According to the different operation production, the special protective clothing can be divided into dust and poison protective clothing, heat and fire resistant clothing, anti-static clothing, anti-radiation clothing, acid-alkali resistant protective clothing, flame retardant protective clothing, etc.

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