What type of fabric is used in fire resistant clothing?

What type of fabric is used in fire resistant clothing?

Aug 08, 2020

For professionals who require any degree of heat and flame resistance as a part of their work, there are a variety of fabrics available to choose from. Now, you might wonder what are the fabrics used in the flame resistant clothes that provides you safety against pyro hazards.



Cotton is among one of the best selling fire-resistant fabric materials of flame-resistant clothing. From coveralls to jackets to pants to shirts to socks, FR treated cotton fabric offers a full line of affordable clothing to welders, electricians, miners, steel markers, and etc.100% cotton provides washable durability for professionals who relies on some degree of fire-resistant clothing.



Nylon is another choice for flame-resistant clothing. Nylon has excellent resistance to abrasion causing it to be very durable. Nylon can withstand heavy wear and tear.



Modacrylic is a type of copolymer which is highly resistant to thermal induction. Not only is it thermal resistant but it has high resilience making it highly durable. Also, the fabric is quite soft making it comfortable to wear. It can be dyed easily as well. They do not shrink easily and resistant to chemical and organic solvents as well.



Aramid has many properties suitable for its use in FR clothing. Aramid is basically a type of synthetic fiber that has properties like heat resistance, resistance to abrasion, high tensile strength, and resistance to organic solvents and chemical oils.



Like some textiles such as modacrylic and FR polyester, rayon is fire-retardant because FR additives are loaded into the fiber at the polymer stage to make FR yarns. Although rayon always blends with other materials to make fabrics for fire-resistant clothing, these threads won’t lose their fire-retardant qualities after cleaning.


If your work environment is especially prone to fire hazards like flash fires or electric arcs or even exposure to flammable chemicals and solvents, then you definitely can’t skip on FR clothing.