Characteristics Of Reflective Work Clothes

Characteristics Of Reflective Work Clothes

Sep 12, 2020

Nowadays, reflective clothing is used more and more widely. Many of the work clothes of the transportation industry or construction units are customized with reflective fabric. Reflective work clothes can reflect the direct light from afar back to the luminous place and have the good optical performance of retroreflection no matter in day or night. Especially at night, it can play the same high visibility as during the day.

   1. Reflective work clothes have wide-angle

The reflective fabric has a better reflective effect than other brands of similar products and has a wide-angle. When the light is incident from a great angle with the surface of the reflective fabric, it can still obtain a good reflective effect.

   2. Reflective fabrics are diverse

In order to match the characteristics and uses of other products, the reflective fabric has many kinds of products, such as reflective cloth, reflective thermosensitive lamination, reflective character adhesive film, reflective ribbon, reflective plastic film, reflective ink, reflective yarn, reflective mapping film, and other products, which has been convenient for users to choose.

   3. Reflective fabric is reflective

The reflective fabric has excellent reflective brightness, providing the most effective and reliable personal protection at night or in poor vision environment.

   4. Reflective fabric for durability

The reflective fabric has good aging resistance, wear-resistance, and washing resistance. It can be washed or dry cleaned, and it is not easy to fall off. After continuous washing, it can still maintain more than 75% of the original reflective effect.

   5. Flexibility and versatility of reflective fabric

Reflective fabric is widely used in various fields such as vests, work clothes, and backpacks.