Classification Of Chinese Flame Retardant Processes

Classification Of Chinese Flame Retardant Processes

Jul 03, 2017

Xinxiang Weis Textiles & Garments Co.,Ltd flame retardant fabric CLASSIFICATION

Classification of domestic flame retardant process:

From the processing process to divided into two categories:

First, the inherent flame retardant fabric

Second, treatment flame-retardant fabric

At the same time the above process can be subdivided:

First, the fiber was aramid flame retardant, modified acrylic flame retardant, polyester flame retardant, etc. are mainly engaged in fiber slices to join

Flame retardant, this flame retardant fabric is characterized by a good feature of flame retardant washability, and can be called permanent flame retardant fabric

Second, afterfinish Flame-retardant fabric processing technology are PROBAN, CP and one-time flame retardant

PROBAN, CP flame retardant treatment mainly in cotton, CVC. Cotton knitted fabric is a cotton flame retardant, with excellent feel,

Good flame retardant properties, can be washed 50 times the flame retardant performance is basically the same, known as durable flame retardant fabrics, won the recognition of foreign customers,

It is currently the largest domestic exports of protective fabric products. Disposable flame retardant treatment is mainly used in decoration.

Thirdly, the coating flame retardant treatment. Coated flame retardant fabric at high temperature when the melt drops can only be used in heavy flame retardant safety clothing.

Treatment Flame retardant fabric varieties

There are:

Cotton flame retardant twill

Cotton flame retardant satin

Cotton flame retardant canvas

cotton/polyester flame retardant twill

88/12 cotton/nylon flame retardant fabrics

Cotton flame retardant plain weave cloth

Stock cotton flame retardant 220gsm colors:

220gsm FR fabric colors.jpg