Features Of Flame Retardant Knitted Fabric

Features Of Flame Retardant Knitted Fabric

Mar 16, 2018

Flame-retardant knitted fabrics is a fabric that can be used to stop the flames from continuing to burn Indeed, a flame-retardant knitted fabric can be extinguished even after being exposed to fire for more than ten seconds after leaving the open flame. In flames, this knitted fabric product can be divided into pre-treated flame-retardant knitted fabrics and After-treated flame-retardant knitted fabrics according to the order in which flame-retardant materials are added.

Flame-retardant knitted fabrics can retain their flame-retardant properties for a very long time. It can withstand more than fifty washings in water. This flame-retardant and flame-retardant fabric can effectively prevent the spread of flames on fabrics. While maintaining the original performance of the fabric fabric, the flame-retardant protective clothing made of flame-retardant knitted fabric can withstand repeated washing and does not affect the flame retardancy of the fabric. The fabric produced from the flame-retardant knitted fabric is not Poison, no stimulation for our body.

The flame-retardant knitted fabric is also very good in the function of soft moisture absorption and breathability, and because of its good elasticity, excellent ductility and its producibility, it is often used by enterprises in the production of various products and special environments. . Clothing made of flame-retardant knitted fabric not only wears comfortably, conforms to people's body, but also allows us to not feel restrained when wearing and can fully show the curve of the human body.

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