Fire Retardant Coats Introduced

Fire Retardant Coats Introduced

Nov 22, 2016

Clothing is one of the most widely used personal protective equipment and clothing protection principle is to take heat, reflection, absorption and isolation shieldingeffect of carbide, flame retardant suit protects workers from being injured by an open flame or heat source.

Clothing fabric, fabric flame retardant fibers in fiber significantly slows down combustion, immediately after the fire moved out on their own and burnt quickly carbonization without melting, dripping, or holes, giving people time to evacuate combustion or burning off body clothing, reduce or avoid burns Burns, achieve the goal of protection.

Widely used in oil, petrochemicals, gas stations, chemical, fire protection requirements for protection of clothing has a variety of occasions.

In the protection of workers ' health, safety, health and the preparation of workingclothes.

By protection function points health type protection overalls, as anti-radiation clothing, and winter clothes, and insulation clothing and the antibacterial clothing,; security type protection overalls, as flame retardant clothing, and anti-electrostatic clothing, and bulletproof clothing, and anti-thorn clothing, and aerospace clothing, and diving clothing, and anti-acid clothing and the anti-insect clothing,; for keep wearing who health of overalls, as anti-oil clothing, and dust clothing and the water repellent clothing,.

Structure of the protective clothing, are generally high, high block and to facilitatethe work of characteristics, space suits and diving and other special protective clothing is also equipped with the appropriate equipment and devices.

Protection overalls of material, except meet high strength high wear, wear with requirements zhiwai, often for protection purpose, and protection principle different and has differences, from cotton, and hair, and silk, and lead, natural material, rubber, and plastic, and resin, and collection fiber, synthesis material, to contemporary new function material and the composite,, as: anti-impact of on bit aromatic family polyamide and the high strength high die volume polyethylene fiber products, refused oil of containing fluoride compounds, anti-radiation of poly n Asia amine fiber, antistatic agglomeration of acrylic complex collection copper fiber, Antibacterialfiber and anti-odor finishing fabric.