Flame Retardant Cloth Details

Flame Retardant Cloth Details

Apr 11, 2017

Flame retardant cloth details

Introduction of flame retardant cloth

We are generally said that the flame retardant cloth, in everyone's impression is not burning, in fact, not. Fire retardant cloth is actually a fire when it is also on fire, just leave the flame can be extinguished within the specified time. Standards, such as: EN470-1, EN531, EN532, NFPA2112, NF

Flame retardant cloth

PA70E and so on.


Flame retardant cloth split fiber flame retardant and finishing flame retardant are two:

Fiber flame retardant to the Shanghai East China Netcom and the United States DuPont Chiffon as the representative of the company

flame retardant fabric.jpg

The introduction of a high sun flame retardant cloth, known as chameleon fire retardant cloth, light or sun after deepening, placed 12 hours after the return to the original color.

Chameleon Flame Retardant Cloth After Use After Chameleon Flame Retardant

Chameleon flame retardant cloth placed after 12 hours after the chameleon flame retardant cloth placed after 12 hours

The way to achieve

Due to fiber flame retardant and finishing the cost of flame retardant, the current domestic use of finishing more flammable.

Two main ways to achieve the flame retardant functionality of textiles:

1, is the finishing method will be flame retardant coating on the fabric surface or into the fabric inside. These two ways to give the fabric fire-retardant links are different, the resulting effect is also different. At present the best way is to nano-materials and nano-technology for textile modification, low cost, the effect is sustained, and the soft feeling of the fabric and feel did not change, reached a world-class level.

2, is a flame retardant flame retardant by polymer polymerization, blending, copolymerization, composite spinning, technical modification, etc. added to the fiber, the fiber has a flame retardant.

In general, fiber flame retardant than fabric flame retardant can make full use of flame retardants, the effect is more durable, feel more soft. However, in practical applications, often use a variety of flame retardants, in two or more ways to achieve synergistic effect of flame retardant effect.