Flame Retardant Fabric Characteristics

Flame Retardant Fabric Characteristics

Oct 19, 2017

 What is the flame retardant fabric?

    Flame-retardant fabric is the United States, "non-woven industry," deputy editor Ellen Wuagneux flame retardant technology made a brief analysis. He believes that the flame retardant materials marketing industry is hot, but the global raw material suppliers are not synchronized; US state and federal level of new laws and regulations, as well as the rise of modern technology, are unprecedented on this industry made new demands and challenges The Edonis mentioned that the company in the integration of PROBAN and PYROVATEX flame retardant technology, the development of better flame retardant, both in terms of flame retardant properties and environmental protection, color, feel and so have a better performance


    The advantages of flame retardant fabrics

    1. Flame-retardant fabric dedicated to the sound-absorbing panels, the surface of the body, as the surface of the sound-absorbing fabric, with the best sound absorption, fire, moisture, do not fade function, and in accordance with the requirements of sound frequency Light, heavy, heavy quality ... ... and so on

    2. Weight in the 300g / ㎡ -700g / ㎡ range, but also directly as sound-absorbing curtain.

    3. With washability, washability, there are hundreds of colors to choose from


 Flame retardant fabric defects

    1. Color fastness is not up to standard, or flame retardant process problems

    2. Flame-retardant cloth automatically extinguished after leaving the fire source, will not continue to burn, can effectively reduce the impact of fire, and other flame retardant cloth is also divided into permanent and one-time flame retardant points, which should pay attention to the purchase

    3. Airtight thick and beautiful wear

    Common problems of flame retardant fabrics:

    Q: What are the flame-retardant standards for flame-retardant fabrics?

    A: 1. UL standard, UL is the Underwriter Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) shorthand. 2.GB national standard, GB2408-80 level of combustion test method Horizontal test method is in the laboratory conditions to test the sample under the level of self-supporting combustion performance. 3.ISO, ISO is the international standard organization "INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION for STAND-ARDIZATION" short.

    Q: What is the difference between disposable flame retardant and permanent flame retardant fabric?

    A: permanent flame retardant is the work of the entire manufacturing process, it is mainly composed of flame retardant fiber fabric, the flame retardant effect is permanent, and generally 50 times in the washing still has a good flame retardant effect. This kind of fabric once left the fire will automatically extinguish, will not cause a second fire. Fiber-retardant fabrics are generally widely used in clothing. Disposable flame retardant fabric is a common fabric through the flame retardant treatment, after washing the flame retardant effect disappears or dissipated, the flame retardant effect is not permanent flame retardant fabric is good, not suitable for use in the case of fire hazards, generally used Hotel curtains and so on.