Help in a Time of Crisis

Help in a Time of Crisis

Apr 09, 2020


Since the Coronavirus (Covid-19 ) is spreading out all over the world, and many countries are suffering from  novel coronavirus pneumonia, China come out in the crisis in time to lend a helping hand to many foreign countries.

for example:

China has shipped 26 tons of humanitarian supplies to Russia, including medical masks, protective masks, protective clothing, disposable gloves, shoe covers and infrared thermometers.

On the morning of April 6 local time, a chartered plane carrying medical supplies from the Chinese government to 18 countries in west and Central Africa arrived in Accra.

China's timely assistance has been widely praised by the international community.

Xinxiang Weis Garments &Accessories Company Co.,LTD, both a member of China and a manufacturer of flame retardant fabrics, flame retardant clothing and retardant accessories, also take part in the  battle of defeating Covid-19 epidemic actively. 

One we make protection and keep our health of ourselves and our family , the other we help our foreign customer and offer them many disposable masks , which protect them from the covid-19.

Our customer appraised us highly and thanks us greatly!

Till now, we have recovered our work and our nation’s economic has returned to  normal track.

We believe and expect that the epidemic of  the world will be over soon, under the help of China and Xinxiang Weis.

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