Jun 29, 2017

      How to measure the FR coverall?

  1. Chest: Stand up straight, with arms at your sides. Measure well up under your arms, across your shoulder blades and over the fullest part of your chest. It is better 1" below underarm.

  2. Neck: Measure around the base of the neck where a collared shirt would fit, or measure a collarband on a shirt that fits you well. Lay the collarband flat if measuring a garment. Measure from the beginning of the button hole to the center of the button.

  3. Sleeve: Bend the elbow slightly. Start at the center of the back of the neck and measure across the shoulder to the elbow and down to the wrist bone.

            Some customers measure from the top of shoulder to the sleeve opening.

  1. Height: Stand straight against a wall without your shoes. Make a mark level with the top of your head. Measure from this point down to the floor.

  2. Waist: First, remove your belt. Then, measure over shirt (not over pants) at the position you normally wear your pants. Hold the tape firmly, but not tightly.

  3. Hips: Stand with your heels together. Measure around the fullest part of the hips, holding tape measure level.

  4. Inseam: Use similar style pants that fit you well. Lay them flat, with the front and back creases smooth. Measure along the inside seam of one leg from the bottom of hem to the crotch.


      FR coverall size measurement.png