Introduction Of Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

Introduction Of Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

Nov 13, 2017

Flame-retardant protective clothing is one of the most widely used varieties of personal protective equipment. Its protective principle is mainly to shield the laborer from open flames or heat sources by means of heat insulation, reflection, absorption and carbonization. The body's skin is very sensitive to heat, the body's skin in contact with high temperatures above 44 ℃ burns, the first occurrence of pain I degree burn, then blistering, there Ⅱ degree burns. At 55 ℃, Ⅰ degree burn for 20s, after Ⅱ degree and Ⅲ degree burn appear. At 72 ℃, it is completely scorched. Therefore, flame retardant clothing should be used in industrial furnaces, chemical, petroleum, mechanical, construction, coal and fire protection industries to reduce flame spread, reduce the rate of heat transfer, and carbonize them to form a barrier to protect the workers Safety and health.

Flame retardant protective clothing and its classification

First, the fire-retardant fabric protective properties of fire-retardant protective clothing, mainly depends on the material - the performance of flame-retardant fabrics, flame-retardant fabrics are mainly flame-retardant fabric, flame-retardant fabric finishing two categories.

Fire-retardant fabric


Flame retardant high temperature fiber fabric

Synthetic organic fiber fabrics: Nomex, Kevlar, Teflon, polysulfon and so on;

Natural inorganic fiber fabric: glass fiber, carbon fiber, metal fiber and so on.

Flame retardant treatment of fiber fabric

In the spinning solution to add flame retardants and other methods

After flame retardant fabric

The use of flame retardant finishing agent, through spraying, immersion (or impregnation), coating technology to fabric after treatment

Second, fire-retardant protective clothing and its classification

Flame retardant protective clothing refers to the protective clothing which can prevent itself from being ignited, flamed and smoldering when it comes into contact with fire and hot objects. It is specially designed for the operation of open flames, sparks, operation near molten metal and in the presence of flammable substances Clothing that is protected by fire and at work in the workplace.

Currently, the international flame-retardant protective clothing used in hot environment is divided into four categories: anti-molten metal, flame and convection heat, radiation heat, anti-contact heat. In our country, fire-retardant protective clothing according to the protection requirements are mainly divided into the following two categories:



Product Standards

High temperature protective clothing

Metallurgy, steel, welding and so on

GB8965-1998 "flame-retardant protective clothing"

GB15701-1995 "welding protective clothing"

High temperature protective clothing

Fire, forest fire and so on

GA88-1994 "fire safety clothing and fire insulation service performance requirements and test methods"

GA10-2000 "fireman fire protective clothing"

GA140-1996 "Fire Command Service"

LD58-1994 "Forest Fire Service"