ISO 9185 Molten Metal Splashes

ISO 9185 Molten Metal Splashes

Jan 09, 2017

For each material or assembly of materials will be prepared 7 samples in the warp direction (except leather) with measures of 260 mm x 100 mm. There will be the same with the PVC film (imitation of skin).

Poured over the tissue sample, which is placed at an angle (depending on the metal has to test), different quantities of molten metal, and evaluates the damage on the fabric and PVC film placed behind the fabric to simulate human skin.




Metal temperature

780 ºC ± 20ºC

1400 ºC ± 20ºC

Discharge angle

60º ± 1º

75º ± 1º


225 mm ± 5 mm

225 mm ± 5 mm


This standard include other metals like Cryolita, copper and hardened steel.