New Welder Clothing Fabric Passed The Welding Test

New Welder Clothing Fabric Passed The Welding Test

Aug 08, 2017

FRCTEX new welder clothing fabric pass the welding test

Please noted:  flame retardant clothing is not equal to welder clothes

The welder is higher than the flame retardant clothing

We launched new special FR fabric for the industry customers welder clothing, and use our company's new trademark FRCTEX

This product code: FRCTEX-300

Weight: 300 grams

Flame retardant standard: GB8965.2

Applicable to the environment: welding, welding and flame retardant clothing environment.

Feel soft, higher strength.

This product has been accepted by the customer and for bulk production.

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New Welding workwear fabric overview:

Welding FR fabric.jpg