Jul 04, 2017

Proban® is a qualtity-controlled chemical procedure that makes textiles flameresistant, even after repeated industrial washing. The chemical treatment is applied at the end of the production process of cotton and cotton blended fabrics manufacture. The Proban procedure is a chemical impregnation with Proban chemicals - THPC - followed by drying and curing. Subsequently, the fabric is gas flushed with ammonia.It is mainly for cotton FR fabric, cotton polyester FR fabric, cotton nylon FR fabric,etc

The Proban® chemical substances react with the ammonia gas forming an insoluble three-dimensional polycondensate. Finally, the fabric undergoes a cleansingoxidation- and washing process in order to wash out all the ammonia treatment residues, and to transform the polycondensate phosphorus from a trivalent into an odour free pentavalent element.

The process of polymer formation is irreversible. The polymer is completely insoluble and is embedded in the very body of the fibre. The polymer can only be removed by mechanical abraison. The quality control is carefully performed on each batch.

The relevant standards are EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612 and EN ISO 14116:2008 after 50 washing procedures at 75°C. Extensive tests established that even after 100 washing procedures, the standard requests are fullfilled.

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