Requirements For Zipper Of Work Clothes

Requirements For Zipper Of Work Clothes

Aug 13, 2020

There are three kinds of zippers for work clothes: metal zipper, resin zipper and nylon zipper.The zipper will also be considered in the design of work clothes, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The first requirement: the chain teeth of the zipper of work clothes should be connected with bright teeth, and there should be no depression or missing teeth in the middle of the front. The metal chain teeth should be arranged in order, without skew or broken teeth chain. The teeth have good occlusion.

The second requirement: the straightness and flatness of the zipper of work clothes: make the zipper of work clothes in the state of natural sagging without wave bending.

The third requirement: uniform color of zipper, bright and bright, no color difference.

The fourth requirement: the position of the zipper tape of work clothes should be symmetrical without skewness, and the adhesive place should be repeatedly turned to 180 degrees for 10 times.

The fifth requirement: zipper head of work clothes: the plating layer of electroplated pull head is bright, no peeling, no foreign matter scratch, the coating thickness is not less than 3um, the surface color of the drawing head is bright, the coating is uniform and firm, no bubble, no dead corner and other defects.