The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flame Retardant Fabrics

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flame Retardant Fabrics

Dec 09, 2017

What is flame retardant fabric? What are the advantages and disadvantages of flame retardant fabrics? Before reading this article may be a lot of people have such questions, we hope that after reading this article on "what fabric is flame retardant," you will have a new understanding of flame retardant fabrics.

    What is fame retardant fabric?

    Flame retardant fabric is the United States, "Nonwovens Industry," Ellen Wuagneux deputy editor of the flame retardant technology made a brief analysis. In his view, the sales of flame retardant materials are going hot, but global raw material suppliers are not synchronize; the new state regulations and federal regulations in the United States and the rise of modern technology have set new demands and challenges for the industry. . Edonis mentioned that the company in the integration of PROBAN and PYROVATEX flame retardant technology, to develop a better flame retardant, both in flame retardant performance and environmental protection, color, feel, etc. have better performance

    The above is to introduce what flame retardant fabrics, then what is flame retardant fabric made out of it? Here is a small series to show you a flame retardant fabric products, for your reference.

Flame retardant fabric

    In addition, you also search  "flame retardant", you can find all the products related to flame retardant fabrics.

    Flame retardant fabric advantages

    1. The flame-retardant fabric is specially used for the surface of the sound-absorption board and the body, as the fabric of the decorative surface acoustic absorption decoration, which has the best function of absorbing sound, flame retardant, moisture-proof and non-fading and can be provided according to the requirements of the sound absorption frequency Light, heavy, overweight ... and so on

    2. The weight of 300g / ㎡ -700g / ㎡ range, but also directly as a sound-absorbing curtain.

    3. Has washability, washability, there are hundreds of colors to choose from

    Flame retardant fabric shortcomings

    1. Color fastness did not meet the standard, or flame retardant process problems

    2. Flame retardant cloth will automatically extinguished after leaving the fire source, will not continue to burn, can effectively reduce the impact of fire, the other flame retardant cloth is also divided into permanent and one-time flame retardant points, which should pay attention to when buying

    Airtight thick wear-resistant appearance

    Flame retardant fabrics of common problems:

    Q: How about the standards of flame retardant fabrics ?

    A: 1.UL standard, UL is the English abbreviation for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.). 2.GB national standards, GB2408-80 horizontal burning test method Horizontal test method is to test the combustion performance of the sample at the level of self-supporting under laboratory conditions. 

3.ISO, ISO is the International Organization for Standardization "INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION for STAND-ARDIZATION" for short.

    Q: one-time flame retardant and inherent flame retardant fabric difference

    A: Permanent flame retardant is a pre-work in the whole manufacturing process. It mainly uses the gray fabric composed of flame-retardant fibers, its flame retardant effect is permanent, and generally it still has a good flame retardant effect after 50 times of washing. Once away from the source of this fabric will be automatically extinguished, will not cause secondary fire. Fiber flame retardant fabrics are generally widely used in clothing. Disposable flame retardant fabric is ordinary fabric through the treatment of flame retardants, after washing the flame retardant effect disappears or fade away, the flame retardant effect is not permanent flame retardant fabric is not suitable for use in the case of fire hazards, generally used in Hotel curtains and so on.