The Application Of Flame Retardant Fabrics In Different Industries

The Application Of Flame Retardant Fabrics In Different Industries

Oct 26, 2017

Flame-retardant fabric make the burning speed of clothing fabrics greatly slowed down, immediately after the fire away from their own extinguished, and the burning part of the rapid carbonization without melting, dripping or piercing, to people to evacuate the burning site or take off the burning Clothes, reduce or avoid burns burns, to achieve the purpose of protection. Flame retardant fabric protection of this form of fire, so that fire can not spread and disappeared in the invisible, which is to reduce the fire accident to avoid burns and damage is of great significance and widely used in industrialized countries.

Especially in the petrochemical and other industries, in some jobs near the frequent flammable and explosive items exist, daily ordinary clothes, including cotton or polyester and other non-flame retardant can not prevent deflagration, these clothes are more likely to increase the burn The harm. Because cotton and cotton and acrylic, polyester, nylon and other blended materials will fire and can continue to burn. Many synthetic fibers even form holes, melt, drip, and melt and drop the chemical material temperature is high, and will stick to the body to bring more severe burns.

So for the safety of these workers, many countries will be mandatory to provide workers with fire-retardant uniforms. The application of flame retardant fabric has important significance.

We remind you to buy flame retardant fabrics to pay attention to the relevant issues:

Flame retardant properties: the purchase of flame-retardant fabric must pay attention to the flame-retardant performance, often in the laboratory to do the fire-retardant test equipment to do the burning experiment, so to ensure its flame retardant performance.

Washing the number of times: flame retardant fabric washing times is very important, because it relates to the choice of flame retardant properties and cleaning, if the water wash more, you can wash several times, flame retardant performance is still there, and can wear time comparison A little longer. Now basically divided into a washing, washing and permanent three kinds of flame retardant fabrics, according to their own needs to choose.

Fabric strength: fabric strength is very important, this is an important indicator to determine the firmness of the fabric, like a test rope to bear the number of forces is the same, bear the more powerful the better.

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