The Difference Of EN 531 And EN ISO 11612

The Difference Of EN 531 And EN ISO 11612

Jan 20, 2018

EN 531:Protective Clothing For Industrial Workers Exposed To Heat (excluding Firefighters' And Welders' Clothing)

EN ISO 11612 – Protective Clothing for Heat and Flame.

The old standard  for Fireproof protective clothing was EN531. This has now been replaced by EN ISO 11612 – Protective Clothing for Heat and Flame. So, what is the new standard for? Well EN ISO 11612 not only tests the fabric used to produce the clothing, it also tests the whole fireproof garment. This is to stop an influx of sub-standard flameproof protective clothing flooding the market.

Probably the most common symbol you will see is this: EN-531 - Certified protective clothing of flame-proofed material. Suitable for welders, industrial workwear, electricians etc. The EN531 Standard for Heat Protection has now been replaced by EN ISO 11612.

This new standard is targeted at the manufacturer, not the wearer, so this will only affect newly produced garments. Garments rated to EN 531 are still valid and can still be bought. The table below shows the difference between the two standards.

EN 11612


Heat resistance

Dimensional change

Limited flame spread

Limited flame spread (A)

Dimensional change

Convective heat (B)

Tensile strength

Radiant heat  (C)

Tear strength

Molten aluminium splash (D)

Burst strength

Molten iron splash (E)

Seam strength

Convective heat (B)

Radiant heat (C)

Molten Aluminium splash (D)

Molten iron splash (E)

Contact heat (F)

Flame spread for EN11612 is tested both before and after laundry. The old standard used to test only the flame spread after 5 cycles, but with the new standard EN 11612 all of the tests are made after 5 laundry cycles. The new standard also tests clothing after every complete wash and dry – so for example after 100 washes, it will go through 100 dry cycles.

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