The Hazards To Human Body Caused By Electrical Arc

The Hazards To Human Body Caused By Electrical Arc

May 05, 2018

The radiant heat generated by the arc voltage is as high as several thousand degrees Celsius. Light temperatures can damage the equipment. When it is heavy, it can cause explosions, fires, and threats to life and property. Especially in the petroleum and power industries, extra attention is needed. Due to the special nature of the industry, accidents and even casualties are more likely to occur. The main injuries to the human body from arcing are as follows: 

◆ Death from electric shock 

When the worker is in direct contact with the electric current, the ventricular fibrillation and current caused by the electric current acting on the heart acts on the respiratory center induced paralysis or breathing caused by the extension of the brain or respiratory muscles. Dysfunction. Ventricular fibrillation is usually caused by a low-voltage current, and high-voltage currents often cause respiratory paralysis, and can also cause cardiac arrest and secondary shock.

 ◆ Severe burns caused by burning clothes 

Workers are not necessarily injured when exposed to electric arcs, because the radiant heat generated by the arc generates temperatures of up to several thousand degrees Celsius, melting tools, burning clothing in a short time, so cotton or polyester clothes In the absence of a flame, it will also burn and burn. Once this kind of clothing is ignited, it will burn continuously and cause fatal injuries to the wearer.  

◆ Severe burn caused by burst of clothes 

The explosion or slamming force generated by the arc causes the daily clothing to break open, leaving the worker's body directly exposed to high heat, flame or molten metal. Synthetic fiber underwear causes severe burns due to dripping melt even Under the condition that the outer garment is not burning, the high heat generated by the arc is enough to melt the underwear made of synthetic fiber material. Because the underwear is close to the skin, it easily causes the skin and the fabric to stick together. The wearer causes very serious and even fatal injuries. In foreign countries, many cases of electric arc injuries have shown that workers' clothing is not qualified and causes burns, resulting in serious injuries. Therefore, assessing the degree of danger in a specific work environment and providing workers with suitable arc personal protective clothing has become a universal safety standard for European and American countries. The arc-proof clothing can provide users with more escape time, reduce the degree of burns, and thus improve the survival rate of accident victims.

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