The Realization Method Of Flame Retardant Fabrics

The Realization Method Of Flame Retardant Fabrics

Nov 22, 2016

Raw material flame retardant

Direct production of flame retardant fiber or fabric made of high temperature resistant flame retardant fibre, permanently fire retardant. High performance fire-retardant fibers including Kevlar, PBI, Nomex, Kerme, PSA, phenolic fibers, Melamine fiber.

Finishing fire retardant

After chemical modification or flame retardant for textile processing, this method is low cost, flame retardant with age and increase washing times and decreased ordisappeared, Yang h, who with a hydroxyl functional organic phosphate oligomerson the nylon/cotton blend fabric and obtain a higher flame; Flame retardant in Xinxiang of Henan textile finishing production of cotton flame-retardant fabric, for example: fabric is made from 88% cotton, 12% nylon fibres together. Adopts the international advanced technology of flame retardant PROBAN fire retardant and fabric has excellent flame retardant properties, and combined with the advantages of the fabric itself can effectively prevent the sparks and splashes of molten droplets,the ATPV value higher, better thermal protection performance, is the selection of a higher-end in flame retardant fabric.

On the whole, than fiber flame retardant fabric can make full use of flame retardants, its effects are more lasting and feel softer. However, in practice, often using a variety of flame retardants and synergies achieved in two or more ways flame retardant. But finishing fire retardant is much less expensive than the fiber flame retardant.