We Have Navy Blue Dyed Ripstop Fabrics On Sale

We Have Navy Blue Dyed Ripstop Fabrics On Sale

Jun 08, 2020

We have navy blue dyed ripstop fabrics on sale, they are made by 100% cotton fabric materials and with rip stop propertity.Below is the detailed description:


Composition: 100% cotton fiber

Weight: 180gsm±10gsm

Construction: rip stop

Usable Width: 57"/58"

Color:navy blue or other colours optional 

Funtion: rip stop, flame retardant, high tensity

MOQ: 3000meters

Comply Standards

♦ OEKO TEX Class 2

♦ EN 11612

Technical Parameters

Tearing Strength: ≥25N in warp

Tensile Strength: ≥1000N in warp

Formaldyhyde: less than 300ppm

Dimensional stability to washing: ≦±3%(after 5 times wash in 60℃)

Color fastness to washing:4-5grade

Color fastness to perspiration:4-5grade

Color fastness to sunlight colorfastness:4-5grade

Color fastness to dry-cleaning:4-5grade


1  ripstop fabric material makes the strength higher and more durable for daily workwear

2. soft , breathable and comfortable

3. good flame retardant properties


The cotton dyed ripstop fabric has flame retardant properties, which meet OEKO TEX Class 2,  EN 11612  standard,  so it is suit for  workwear used in the industry of  oil&gas, boiler, steelmaking,shipyard, transportation, petrochemical and so on.