What Are The Features Of The Flame Retardant Cloth?

What Are The Features Of The Flame Retardant Cloth?

Mar 15, 2017

Flame retardant cloth is from the fire that is extinguished, not flame, do not keep burning cloth, but need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. All kinds of fabrics can be used flame retardant treatment, and thus flame retardant function is also closely related with the physical and chemical properties of materials, different materials, although the use of the same fabric flame retardant, the flame retardant role is also different, need attention.

2. Flame retardant is not equal to non-combustible, but to extend the fire time, such as material ignition point to reach 20-30 seconds after the fire, in order to get rid of the time of fire clothing, reduce the degree of burns.

3. Extinguished from the fire, need to see the fire temperature and air (oxygen) and in such a high temperature environment, the length of time. The role of flame retardants than its limit or can play a role in the time, flame retardant effect disappeared, and ordinary fabric is no different

4. Do not flame, in high temperature environment than flame retardant design time or temperature, this performance is also invalid.

5. No fire, need to see the fire conditions and the environment, if the fire oxygen supply is sufficient, the temperature is too high, the possibility of continued burning still exists.

This is a civil / commercial flame retardant flame retardant conditions, special use such as: firefighters / fire equipment / military equipment / special industrial equipment, etc., from the fabric material / flame retardant grade higher than the civilian level.

After the flame retardant processing of civilian fabrics, other functional and general fabric the same.