What Characteristics Of Cotton Fiber Attract You?

What Characteristics Of Cotton Fiber Attract You?

Aug 08, 2020

1.Attracts the perspiration: Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. It can absorb water from the surrounding atmosphere, so it contacts human skin and makes people feel soft and not stiff.

2.Moisture: Because of the advantages of multi space and high elasticity, cotton fiber can directly store a lot of air and make people feel warm when wearing it.

3.Heat resistance: The pure cotton fabric has good heat resistance. At room temperature, the wearing, washing and dyeing have no influence on the fabric, which improves the washing and wear resistance of pure cotton fabric.

4.Alkali resistance: Cotton fiber has a strong resistance to alkali. In alkali solution, the fiber will not be damaged, which is conducive to the washing of pollution and removing impurities. At the same time, it can also dye, print and process pure cotton textiles to produce more new cotton varieties.

5.Hygiene:Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, pure cotton clothing is good for people to wear for a long time.