What Is Flame Retardant Clothing?

What Is Flame Retardant Clothing?

Aug 11, 2017

The flame retardant clothing is a special labor protection product designed according to the national standard GB8965.1-2009.,EN ISO 11612, It has a new style, reasonable structure design, convenient and comfortable wearing. The flame retardant, breaking strength, tearing strength and bending length are all in line with the national standards, and have no discomfort and allergic reactions to the skin.

The FR fabric of flame retardant clothing, its flame retardant fibers in the fabric makes the combustion rate of the fiber greatly slowed, self extinguishing immediately after the fire away, and the rapid combustion part carbonization and does not produce melting, dripping, or piercing, give people time to evacuate combustion of the scene or take off clothes, reduce or avoid burns, scalds, achieve the goal of protection.

It is widely used in oil fields, petrochemical, gas station, chemical industry and fire fighting etc.

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