What Is Flame Retardant Fabric

What Is Flame Retardant Fabric

Oct 08, 2017

 In fact, the flame retardant cloth is not no fire, it is just leave the flame immediately after the off, flame retardant fabric include inherent flame retardant and treated FR fabric. Finished flame retardant is divided into one-time and durable flame retardant cloth.

  Usually we imagine the flame retardant cloth, in everyone's impression is not burning, but really is not, the flame retardant cloth is not no fire, just leave the flame immediately after the off. There are corresponding flame retardant standards, such as: en470- 1, en531, en532, nfpa2112, nfpa70e and so on.

   Flame retardant cloth mainly for permanent flame retardant fabric and treated flame retardant cloth.

Inherent flame retardant, also known as permanent flame-retardant fabric, is done in the entire pre-fabric processing work, mainly using flame-retardant fibers of its flame retardant effect is permanent, and generally can be maintained to wash more than 100 times (Especially acrylic), in case of fire that is crimping, carbonation, the source of a fire is extinguished, do not drop no black smoke, will not be Produce a second fire. It is usually used for workwear fabrics.

Disposable flame retardant fabric is a common fabric in the latter part of the dyeing and finishing through the flame retardant treatment, its biggest drawback is that after the flame retardant effect disappeared or significantly decline, usually we apply in some occasions the number of washing, such as Hotel curtains and so on.

Durable flame-retardant fabrics are usually "proban" production process, the use of flame retardants is a cotton fiber and its blended fabric durability finishing flame retardant, its main feature is the use of this  flame retardant production of finishing, the fabric can be washed more than 50 times with good flame retardant capacity.

Three of the initial flame-retardant performance is not much difference, but after a one-time flame retardant fabric flame retardant performance completely disappeared.

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