Where To Sell The Good Quality Of Flame Retardant Fabric?

Where To Sell The Good Quality Of Flame Retardant Fabric?

Jun 06, 2017

Many people to flame-retardant fabrics and flame retardant cloth confused, in fact, flame-retardant fabrics and fire-retardant fabric is a meaning, we talk about its principle, flame retardant cloth is not what people say the point of fire cloth After a special process, you can prevent the spread of the flame, in a certain period of time automatically extinguished.

(Including flame retardant polyester, flame retardant nylon, aramid, flame retardant viscose, flame retardant acrylic, etc.) and natural fiber flame retardant (including cotton, linen, silk, wool), flame retardant fabrics, Different components, different standards, the process is not the same, the corresponding flame retardant prices are also different.

Fabric strength: fabric strength is an important indicator to determine the firmness of the fabric, and test a rope to bear the number of cattle is the same, for example, a uniform just wear a long time from the back directly split, so this is strong not good enough.

Washing the number of times: the number of washed fabrics is very important, if the number of washed more, you can wash several times, flame retardant properties still exist, and can wear a longer time,such as 100% cotton FR fabric,CVC FR fabric,88/12 Cotton/Nylon FR fabric,etc . Now basically divided into a wash, washed and permanently three kinds of flame retardant fabrics, according to their own needs to choose.

Flame retardant fabric is a functional protective fabric, this fabric has the effect of delaying the flame burning. Even if it is opened by fire, we can leave cloth for 2 seconds without fire. Divided into one-time flame retardant, can be resistant to flame retardant and permanent flame retardant.

Disposable flame retardant fabric cost is low, the quality is not good, washed once failed; can be resistant to fire retardant fabric, also known as finishing flame retardant, the greater the amount of cotton fabric, the better the flame retardant effect; Called the nature of flame-retardant fabrics, including aramid and acrylic, this yarn itself has a flame retardant properties.

When buying flame retardant fabrics must pay attention to the performance of flame retardant, flame retardant performance directly affect the performance of follow-up protective clothing, so Oxford cloth flame retardant performance is also an important factor.