YSETEX 490gsm Fireproof Cotton Satin Fabric

YSETEX 490gsm Fireproof Cotton Satin Fabric

Jul 13, 2017

490gsm fireproof cotton satin fabric performance:

1) 4/1 Satin weave, which promotes pilling splashes of molten metal; 

2) The surface density of 490 gsm and high physical and mechanical properties;

3) Smooth and good looks for oil and gas,welding industry,steel-making.

4) With THPC FR treatment for durable and washable;

5) Can be added anti static,waterproof and oil repellent,etc,meet EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,EN 1149.

6) Core advantages:

  Tensile strength: warp>1000N, weft>800

  Tear strength: warp>60N, weft>50N

7) Sample for free

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